Andrew Mallett

Andrew Mallett

I am a group analyst and psychodynamic therapist and joined Queen Anne Street Practice in 2017, where I see people both individually and in groups.  In both cases, I like to create a supportive environment in which people can explore themselves and the challenges they face by considering how they experience themselves in relation to others, past and present, including their social groups.

I usually see individuals once per week, mainly face-to-face in my consulting rooms, though online sessions can be arranged where necessary.

I run three weekly therapy groups: a group that meets face-to-face, a group that meets online and a face-to-face group specifically for young adults aged 18-25. I consider group therapy to be a truly creative space where people can think, reflect and discover themselves in often surprising ways. The reliance on relating, participation and collaboration make it an especially dynamic and rewarding form of therapy.

Alongside my work at Queen Anne Street, I work in a London University setting providing individual and group therapy to students. I also have 20 years’ experience providing training and executive coaching in organisations. Until 2021 I worked as a therapist for ten years in the NHS.

I am a full member of both the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) and the Group Analytic Society International. I am a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).