Some of our clinicians are medically qualified Consultant Psychiatrists in addition to practicing as psychotherapists. We are therefore able to offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments. Such assessments can be helpful for people who are struggling with complex difficulties that warrant a structured diagnostic assessment. This will usually lead to a recommended treatment plan which may include a referral for psychoanalytic psychotherapy and, in some cases, medication. For some diagnoses, a referral for a different form of talking therapy may suggested, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, couple or family therapy, treatment in a group or EMDR (for persons suffering with trauma). Some of these treatments are available within the Queen Anne Street Practice, but we can also make a referral to colleagues based outside the practice when needed.

Psychiatric assessments involve taking a structured approach to a person’s symptoms and history by a consultant psychiatrist who is extensively trained in the assessment and treatment of psychiatric diagnoses. Examples of these may be depressive illnesses, specific anxiety disorders, or personality disorders. Diagnostic assessments can be especially helpful for persons who have derived limited benefit from talking therapies previously and may require a more tailored treatment plan guided by their diagnosis, using an evidence-based approach.