Child and adolescent psychotherapists help young people with array of psychological and developmental issues, such as difficulties in relationships at home or elsewhere; anxiety, low mood or self esteem; problems with eating or body image; behaviours patterns which are hard to understand. They pay especially close attention to young people’s words, actions and, in the case of younger children, their play. 

When children and teenagers feel more fully understood, they become more able to follow and articulate their own thoughts and feelings. This sets them on a more solid developmental path. 

The child and adolescent psychotherapists within the Practice all come from the most rigorous dedicated clinical  training background and are members of the Association of Child Psychotherapists. They liaise with parents, education and other health professionals as necessary, to help ensure that a young person’s wider environment meets their needs. 

An initial consultation for the parents of children under 18 is the starting point. The next step is a thorough assessment of the child over an agreed number of appointments, followed by a further parent consultation to give feedback and discuss a suitable plan. If for any reason a child’s needs would be better met elsewhere, we arrange a careful referral.