The Queen Anne Street Practice has been one of the foremost central London centres for psychological therapy for over fifty years. We offer evidence-based psychotherapy at our clinic in Marylebone.

Psychological problems can arise at any time of life, so the practice offers a range of psychotherapies for every age group: in addition to working with adults, we work with children, adolescents and young adults. Alongside one-to-one psychotherapy, there is also a long-established group therapy programme for adults, plus specialist support for couples and families.

The Practice

Psychotherapy comes into its own when our usual ways of dealing with things are not working sufficiently well. Whilst our members offer a range of specialist approaches, we hold in common some core values. The great majority of colleagues are psychoanalytically trained, so bring to their work a detailed and nuanced understanding of the workings of the mind and of psychological development. This equips them to help with all manner of psychological problems whether mild or acute, recent or long-standing: for example, difficulties in the way we relate to ourselves, or to our own bodies; problems in relationships with others, whether specific or more generally; trouble with managing anxiety, mood or behaviour, or with coming to terms with past experiences and finding a way forward.

Every psychotherapist within the practice offers a reliable, non-judgemental and confidential setting into which individuals of every age and background can safely bring all aspects of themselves and their difficulties. The emphasis is always on paying very close attention to each individual and working accordingly, rather than applying a set formula.

The overarching aim of the work is increased understanding and self-awareness, which in turn brings important new possibilities and choices. There is a shared commitment to helping individuals of all ages to achieve lasting psychological development, so that when the work comes to an end, they continue to benefit from the experience.