Biddy Arnott

Biddy Arnott

I am the Co-Director of the Queen Anne St Practice which we founded in 2009 and am pleased that the practice thrives as one of the leading clinics for psychological therapies in London.

I have been a practicing therapist for over forty years and when I look back, I remember even as a child, deeply observing those around me, trying to understand what was not said but was hidden. So, it seemed inevitable that I would be drawn to the complex stories of the mind. These stories drive us, define us, lie to us, give us hope or send us into deep despair, all this and more. I am a Jungian analyst and a group analyst, interested in the dialogue of a developing self that emerges out of the our splits and conflicts into a more complex state where difficult feelings and impulses can be held and understood. The story changes, perhaps less dramatic, more ‘ordinary’ but kinder and more compassionate.

I originally learned my analytic skills during the 1970’s at the Halliwick Hospital, a therapeutic community where group therapy was the main method of treatment. I was then Head of the Psychiatric Day Hospital in Hackney working with individuals, groups, families and couples. Later I trained as a Group Analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis and as Jungian Analyst with the Society of Analytic Psychology

For many years I was a core member of staff on the Glasgow Diploma course of the IGA and I have supervised and taught on many psychotherapy and counselling courses.

Currently my work continues with both groups and individuals and my approach is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of those who come to see me.

I am registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council.