Alessandra Lemma’s Work Wins The Sigourney Award-2022

The Sigourney Award, founded in 1989, annually rewards outstanding work that represents a significant contribution to psychoanalysis and brings innovation to the field of psychoanalytic treatment or theory. Recipients receive international recognition and a substantial cash prize and this year, a panel of distinguished judges evaluated work from extraordinary international applicants. Today, Robin A. Deutsch, PhD and Analyst Co-Trustee of The Sigourney Award Trust announces UK Professor Alessandra Lemma’s inventive theoretical and clinical psychoanalytic contributions has earned The Sigourney Award-2022 along with four additional recipients’ work.

“Professor Lemma’s work embodies Mary Sigourney’s intention to promote and expand the benefits of psychoanalytic thinking worldwide. Our notable panel of judges deemed her interdisciplinary approach addressing contemporary social and psychological challenges, especially those directed at youth and those suffering from depression, deserved the prize for her superior efforts and professional results,” says Dr. Deutsch.

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